Mind Like Water

Twitter as a platform

It wasn't long ago that I was reading an article about some change
Facebook had made that everyone was complaining about, and reflected on
how differently I viewed Twitter.

Facebook seems like the enemy, a faceless corporation that wants to use
my data against me. Twitter, on the other hand, felt like an open
platform, a public good from which everyone benefited.

After the recent news about how they're closing down their API, and
starting to include advertisements, it's clear that I was wrong about

I wish I knew what the solution was-- we need an open Twitter that's
built around giving everyone access to the world's information in real
time. We need the tweet version of RSS.

In order to do that, though, we need an aggregator. Twitter is the hub
for all our information right now, but when it becomes as toxic as
Facebook, when we're having ads shoved down our throats just so Twitter
can be free, it won't be open any more.