Mind Like Water

My ideal podcast app

I love listening to podcasts on my phone, especially Back to Work, Democracy Now en Español, and BBC Mundo.

Unfortunately I've not found a podcast app I really like on Android yet. I always end up having to configure a few hours of stuff to listen to right before I head out. I want an app that can be set up with a few simple preferences, so when I want to listen I can just put some headphones on and hit play. I thought Google Listen was closest to what I want, but nobody's worked on it in a few years and it's showing it's age. I currently use BeyondPod, which I paid a few bucks for, but I have a number of ways in which it could be improved, many of which are simplifications.

Here goes:

I want a simple list of feeds. I don't need categories and I don't need synchronization with Google Reader. Both require too much upkeep for my taste.

I want one playlist. Not one per feed, not one per app, just a single playlist.

I want three ways to get podcasts into my playlist:

"Catch up", where podcasts are automatically added to the playlist from oldest to newest "Current", where new podcasts are automatically added to the playlist "Manual", where I have to select which podcasts I want added to the playlist. I want the app to determine how many podcasts need to actually be downloaded onto my device based on my download speed and how many hours of podcasts are already downloaded. It can download more as needed while I'm listening. I shouldn't have to know or care whether a podcast has been downloaded yet.

If I'm listening to my playlist and I end up on a track that isn't downloaded, the app should try and stream it for me. If it can't stream fast enough to listen without pausing (within reason of course), then it should bump that podcast down and try to play the next item on the list. I expect it to maintain order when bumping multiple tracks.

When I'm listening to a podcast, I want the following four options: play/pause, next (bump podcast down and play next item) skip (move to bottom of playlist) or delete (remove from playlist). I also want a slider that shows where I currently am in the podcast, how much time is left, with the capability to move forward or back.

¡Ya está!. Anyone know of an app that fits the bill? If not, one of these days I might sit down and try to program it myself.