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50 ways to overwhelm your readers

I see these types of posts everywhere these days. Bloggers collect tutorials, plugins, tricks, tips, etc. and package them together into the "50 best (things) every (type of person) should know".

For a long time, I used to think that these types of posts were worthwhile. I used to put them on my "to read" list, thinking that someday I'd have the energy to check out all 50 on the list. I never did though, and there they sat, day after day. It's no wonder I avoid reading my backlog of bookmarks.

Lately, I avoid these types of articles like the plague. (Though they still turn up in my bookmarks occasionally. I promptly delete them when my sanity has returned.) I personally believe it is a sign of a lazy blogger to throw together all of this content and expect readers to sort through it. That means they don't want to take the time to pull out the truly valuable from the cruft.

Bloggers: unless I can appreciate each item on your list in less than 10 seconds (think "50 stunning photographs" or "50 best desktop backgrounds") don't give me any more than 3 things to review in any one post. (Hell, if you're really daring, pick one!) Highlight the best of the best, and tell me why I should care.

Don't make me do your job for you.

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