Mind Like Water

The 100 recipes project

I used to love to cook. During high school and college I worked in restaurants, doing everything from bussing, washing dishes, and working on the line for lunch and dinner.

These days I don't cook nearly as often as I would like. That is in part because I don't have a lot of recipes that I like making on a regular basis. I branch out once in a while and make something new, but I dislike buying ingredients that are only good for one recipe.

Occasionally I'll stumble on something great, and mentally add it to a list – I love my chili recipe (which is a combination of recipes from my parents and my wife's parents) and my black beans and rice recipe. I can only make them every so often though, because we like variety.

I've decided that instead of keeping this list mentally, I would like to set a goal for myself to compile one hundred recipes on this blog.


  1. They have to be good enough to eat on a regular basis
  2. Each ingredient must be listed in at least two recipes, so they can't be too obscure (I will cut myself some slack on this one for the first few recipes)
  3. They must take under an hour to prepare (not counting prep time like cooking dry beans)
  4. All recipes must be entrees. I may list other recipes here, but in order to count towards the 100 they have to be full meals.
  5. They must be pescetarian or able to be prepared as such without too much trouble.

The list

  1. Three Bean Chili
  2. Cuban Black Beans & Rice
  3. Quinoa Corn Chowder
  4. Sloppy joes
  5. Homemade pizza
  6. ...